5 advantages of dtf printer compared to traditional printer

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Update time : 2022-05-25 16:14:27
 First of all, the dtf printer is suitable for a wide range of fields: clothing, home improvement, home textiles, advertising, and other industries are involved.
  Secondly, there are many suitable fabrics: polyester, chemical fiber, chiffon, crepe de chine, polyester-cotton, and other materials that can be transferred and have a wide range of uses.
  In terms of technical performance, the dtf printer also has many advantages over traditional printing technologies:

  1 The printing effect is good.
  High printing accuracy, rich and vivid colors, natural transitions, and clear patterns.
  2 Personalization
  No plate making, flexible batch, not limited by pattern, and the image can be modified arbitrarily, which can realize both single-piece production and mass production, with short production cycle and fast delivery.
  3 Environmental protection and no pollution
  Low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, no wastewater, and low noise during the entire printing process, it is real pollution-free production technology.
  4 Fast response time
  The production cycle is greatly shortened, no plate making and one-time molding are required, and all products can be printed with one key operation, with fast response speed, high flexibility, and no restrictions on production batches. For small batch production, same-day delivery is even possible, and it is advisable to wait immediately.
  5 cost savings
  The digital printing machine occupies a small area, does not require a large workshop, and saves space and site costs. The operation of the digital printing machine is intelligent and automated, and one operator can guard the normal operation of multiple equipments, which greatly saves labor costs.

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